Within the Cross-Skill markets, HPK offers services in the Construction Management, Oil & Gas, GIS, Health & Safety, Institutional, Social & Financial Assessments, M&E, Rebar Detailing, Geotechnical and Electrical sectors.

Construction Management and Contracts
Halcrow Pakistan (HPK) provides a full range of services in contract and construction management. This extends from planning and pre-construction stage; into construction; and then commissioning; and close-out. A brief list of the services we offer are:

1. Contracts Administration
Contracts Section administer and support the entire HPK’s tender stage activities and ensures that all tasks are performed in conformance with the applicable Contract Documents, and regulatory requirements. Documents are prepared in conformance with PEC, PPRA, SPRA, or FIDIC guidelines.

2. Construction Supervision
HPK undertakes the technical duties of the engineer or employer representative, as defined by the Conditions of Contract between the client and contractor, and co-ordinate and administer the project on behalf of the client. This service can be offered to encompass the full role of an engineer/employer representative or limited to whatever our client's requirements are for each project.

Our focus is to develop a strong project team to plan ahead, identify potential problems and develop effective solutions that minimize disruption to progress and avoid unnecessary cost, HPK has a staff that provides depth and breadth in the delivery of projects in all fields. The teams are custom structured and provided to clients to deliver the project in the best manner.

3. Project Controls
This includes project planning/scheduling services and cost estimation and cost control services. Planning and Scheduling Services includes review of baseline schedules, progress updates and monitoring, evaluation of time and delay claims, and look-ahead schedules. Whereas cost engineering services include preparation of cost estimates at all levels of project and then provide cost controls support to project teams during construction.

4. Constructability Reviews
HPK offer clients during the design phase to provide detailed reviews of draft construction plans and specifications. The construction documents to be reviewed include draft plans, draft technical specifications and the proposed bid schedule.

An independent and structured review of construction bid documents is done to make certain that the work requirements are clear, the documents are coordinated, and that they assist the client in bidding, construction and project administration to result in reduced impacts to the project. Our interdisciplinary constructability review method is an intense cross check of all construction documents and as a whole.

5. Testing and Commissioning
Halcrow Pakistan provides services for the testing and commissioning of buildings and plants. This process consists of verifying all of the subsystems for mechanical (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, fire/life safety, building envelopes, interior systems, cogeneration, utility plants, sustainable systems, lighting, wastewater, controls, and building security to achieve the owner's project requirements as intended by the client.

6. Claims Support
HPK provide services in preparation and analysis of claims and disputes for a wide range of construction and engineering projects. We assist our clients in all construction industries by identifying, analysing, quantifying, and presenting construction claims that may arise during a project.

With our specialized knowledge and expertise in construction claims evaluation, preparation, and resolution, HPK can guide clients through the issues most common in construction disputes: completion delays; cost overruns; contract application; workmanship and scope variations; and project management performance.

By analysing the construction contract and the parties' performance throughout the construction duration, our experts can identify liability, quantify damages, and assist in resolving the dispute in a timely and cost effective manner.

HPK has an experienced operational HSE team who have managed field operations in the construction sector. HPK’s aim to provide professional and practical HSE management solutions that enable our clients to improve safety, increase efficiency and profitability and meet regulatory requirements. We specialize in translating systems and plans into action. We have particular experience in construction and offshore work and marine. Specific services provided includes operational and HSE planning, developing HSE management system and conducting HSE audits.

O&G Access Roads and Well Sites Development
In addition to the environmental services, HPK also provides a wide range of civil engineering solutions to the oil & gas industry including access route selection, well and camp site planning and designing, and contract preparation for civil works for various stages of the oil & gas exploration process i.e. seismic exploration, exploratory and appraisal well drilling, both at offshore in the Arabian sea, and on-shore in the mountainous and desert terrains. HPK provides a full range of services in contract administration and construction management to oil & gas industry.

The experience with Oil & Gas industry has a major Contribution to HPK's capabilities. In this sector, we have completed over 250 projects within last 09 years (including EIA/IEE, HSE Monitoring & Auditing, Access Road/Camp Site layout design, road and well site construction supervision, tender documents preparation, evaluation and adjudication projects).

Electrical Engineering Services
HPK specializes in designing of electrical systems for low, medium and high rise buildings ranging from hotels, restaurants, banks, residential, commercial, shopping malls, offices, health care and institutional buildings. We have particular experience in design of industrial projects, natural gas and diesel power plants and distribution sub-stations (11kV/400V) including MV & LV Power. HPK electrical services division is served by a professional team of Electrical engineers and CAD draftsman.

Geotechnical Engineering
HPK offers diverse services to clients locally and globally through an experienced geotechnical team.

Rebar Detailing
HPK comprehensively understands the complexity that has to be entangled with while a structural design is processed for actual construction at site. In its RC detailing services, HPK utilizes high-tech specialized software like Multisuite Rebar and produces shop drawings that the contractors can directly use to facilitate fully automatic fabrication of reinforcement. The end product so produced also caters for the constructional constraints like joints, temporary openings, machinery operations, etc

Geographic Information System - GIS
Geographic Information System-GIS is a system of coordinated sets of information such as maps, images and textual data, in which all data components are created, stored, retrieved, updated and compared by use of common geographic coordinates. GIS provides the ability to rapidly manipulate data and so search for relationships between variables. Using GIS, digital data can be overlayed to examine conditions at any particular location.

HPK is using GIS and remote sensing technology to provide project planning, implementation and customisation services on diverse projects needing to manipulate spatial information. Our services in GIS range from Implementation of GIS projects of small scale applications within an engineering project through to major corporate system development for management purposes. We have used this technology on variety of projects comprising town planning, infrastructure development, water resources management, environmental management, social surveys, census data management, property management, and oil and gas sector projects.

Institutional, Social & Financial Assessments
HPK's reputation in providing services for social and rural development was established early in the company's history and it covers a wide range of physical infrastructure and social activities for rural development. These include community development, institutional development, and provision of basic infrastructure, roads, irrigation, power, water supply, and sanitation with participation of beneficiary communities.

Social development requires multi-disciplinary strategies that are low cost, equitable, replicable and participatory. A range of capabilities is needed that can readily be adapted to diverse social, political and economic settings and which encourages the growth of local, regional and national initiatives in all facets of social development.

In most of our social development projects, development of community infrastructure has been combined with institutional development, capacity building, counterpart training and involving the community, women and NGOs, in order to create a more balanced and integrated approach to rural development. All activities are planned and implemented with our interdisciplinary resources, which are ideally suited to tackle the tasks assigned.

Our assignments also cover full spectrum of rural development and rural infrastructure projects. Working with people through education, training and skills development is a fundamental part of our approach.

Monitoring & Evaluation
HPK offers services in design and implementation of M&E frameworks for projects & programs monitoring and evaluation, including data collection. This include (but not be limited to) reporting against the framework which also specifies primary data collection activities for which HPK is responsible.

We also work closely with donor sector clients in providing pivotal connection of M&E frameworks for assessing impacts of their interventions on the community.


O&G Access Roads and Well Sites Development services

  • Project management
  • contract administration
  • tender document preparation & evaluation
  • construction management & supervision
  • contractor's claims analysis and resolution (Expert Witness Testimony)
  • reconnaissance field visit/survey
  • concept design and feasibility studies
  • access road and well/camp site development
  • water supply options
  • detailed engineering design
  • tender document preparation and evaluation
  • construction supervision
  • contract administration
  • disaster Controls
  • site restoration

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Design of infrastructure electrical networks
  • Design of building electrical works
  • Design review & value engineering for electrical works
  • Master planning for infrastructure electrical networks
  • Project management & top supervision
  • Electrical audit of existing electrical facility / installation
  • Advisory consultancy for running electrical facility

Geotechnical Engineering Services

  • Supervision of the geotechnical work including pile and other foundation load tests, ground improvement works and pavement construction works
  • Geotechnical design including bearing capacity analysis of shallow and deep foundations, settlement analysis and slope analysis
  • Highway & Airport Pavement Assessment and Evaluation
  • Road Rehabilitation design and construction

GIS Services

  • GIS/Remote Sensing Analysis
  • GIS Planning, Design & Development
  • Geographic Data Processing and Interpretation
  • Database Development